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Intuitive Energy Medicine and Ceremonies

Through my years of massage experience my energywork grew, and I found myself acquiring more skills and tools than I ever expected.

I became aware of the energies that bring us down when we are not running at our fullest strength. Sometimes we are low in trust, lacking faith and / or a connection to oneness and spirit.

Through this awareness I learned how to transform these energies to the greater good for myself and others.

Yoga and meditation have helped me embrace these skills throughout this journey and find ways to offer them in service.

My gifts blossomed and my unique approach has long-term effects, as I do not send energies away so they can return or affect others. I clear them by supporting their transformation to something greater.

This is the basis for all the work I do to create clarity, connection and protection.

Have you ever felt like you’re running in circles?

I can help stop the loop, explain the why and release the pattern.

Do you or does your family, work, art or craft feel blocked, cursed or stagnated?

I help free the restrictions and help you find your onward motion again.

Are you creating a new path or designing a new life and seeking clarity? 

I can offer clarity, insight, guidance and, most importantly, clear and protect your most supportive pathways.

Are you bringing a new life into the world or making a new bond through adoption or marriage?

I can clear the ancestral lines for both / all of your past and current lives.

I can clear karmic limiting family beliefs, ties and lessons that are ready to complete, thus creating harmonious connections for your new pathway together.

Are you a public figure who feels derailed, drained and or blocked from bringing your message, mission, craft or peacemaking beauty to the masses?

I can clear the unseen and strengthen your internal channels, aligning you with your path, fan base and clientele for your offering to bloom.

Do you have or are you part of a Corporation in need of clarity or realignment to meet your goals or take it to the next level?

Together we can support your team from the highest to the broadest levels and realign your corporation from name, staff, operations, market to clientele or consumer. 

After a clearing, let me know your concerns. Through our work together I can locate and clear blockages, pathways and provide protection for your journey by removing unconscious, undeveloped energies or karmic lessons that are not even yours, bringing you into alignment with yourself, home, work, creativity and community.Veena

Individually Tailored Sessions

I developed sessions to be flexible and meet each client’s individual needs. Often the work we do together affects the client profoundly and ripples out to friends, family, loved ones, colleagues and community as a whole.

Support Packages

I offer three packages:

  • Introductory Clarity Package – 45 days
  • Complete Clearing & Energetic Self Care Training 4-7 months
  • Monthly Retainerships

Ceremonies, Clearings and Blessings


I offer Clearings and Blessings of Spaces, Baby Naming, Love Affirmations and Weddings.

I also offer support in assisting loved ones in crossing over.

In my studies of eastern and western religions I have found that ceremony is common and profound.

For those who have a strong standing in a religion, I offer respectful support within the energy of their faith during a service or ceremony.

For those who live a non-denominational modern lifestyle and still seek the unseen offerings ceremony can provide, I offer my skills through ceremony as a bridge for connection and community.

Distance Sessions are available for Home and Mirco Businesses

Corporate Care, Small Business, Production and Events

Supporting your desire for all to run smoothly.

Post Session Support

Why? Sessions can stir up vivid dreams, deepen meditations, create changes in relationships, your home, your body and emotions. These changes or details can bring up questions, unfold new insight or create new opportunities for healing. It is important to me to be available to offer additional insight for your journey as it unfolds. This is optional, as not everyone will need this support.


Sacred Space Tools and Self Care Kits are intuitively custom made for each client by special request.

Let’s Connect

I am based in Northern California and provide phone sessions and in person sessions locally.

I also visit cities locally and nationally one to four times a year for sessions and ceremonies.