About Veena

My Life Experience

Honestly I am not sure how to describe this journey I have been on without writing a book. So I will share a few experiences and big events that most can empathize with or relate to in some way.

This is a bit direct, but I want you to get a broad sense of me, my experiences and how they apply to my gifts and craft to serve you.

I can say that I have met interesting people throughout my life.

Krishnamurti and Rosa Parks were powerful introductions for me when I was young, to name a couple.

I am a biracial child of divorced parents, who were children of the 50’s and 60’s and found health and healing through yoga. They became Yogis who lived and worked within the Sivananda Ashram and yoga center communities.

I am not East Indian but have an Indian name that I feel very aligned too and have been criticized for at times.

I grew up in the shadows of what was personal great family tragedy and Was kept in the dark about it or to some protected from it.

I have been through paralyzing empathy and perfectionism.

I have been deeply in love, infatuated and obsessed.

I am a mother of an amazing daughter.

I was a loving wife; I have been separated and divorced.

I have assisted in many births and have even caught a client’s beautiful baby.

I have been robbed, blocked, stereotyped, accused, thrown under the bus and have been a subject of racism through systems, work, communities and family.

I have been cursed and hunted by the living and the dead, ancestors, past lives and ghosts alike.

I have felt that the world is against me and still moved forward with optimism.

At complete devastation even I, the optimist, have been suicidal and chronically depressed. I was told to consider taking medication which triggered the core of my belief system, that all we need to heal, is available through nature and touch. I worked with a nutritionist to heal myself through food and self care.

I have been financially secure with great credit yet becoming what were personally devastating depths for me, food insecure and in fear of homelessness, technically homeless, yet sheltered. Feeling like “I could not afford my life” a crazy making, modern/money age issue.

There is not much that scares me at this point, as I say that, let me make it clear, that is not an invitation to test it. But if you are scared and need help I can calmly and fearlessly help you.

Through these experiences and my training I have developed gifts, I did not know I had.

When I was young, I was too scared to use, inquire about, or speak about even common intuitions. Movies and shows of suspense, mystery, drama, and paranormal were my favorite. They became my outlet for my depth of emotion and my curiosity about things I felt were true but could not or felt I should not talk about. The motion picture, combines storytelling, music and art all in one. This collaboration of artists warms my heart, and I recognize this as a powerful tool that can be both detrimental and nurturing.

A film is something I may reference to help you during a session with an imagery that can bring you clarity or emotional context at times.

I can not say that I have a specialty, but what I can say is family, community, conscious business, arts, culture and nature are what I choose to protect passionately, and I use all my tools to do so.

Old beliefs and fears create division between people in work places and communities. These old beliefs and fears are what I clear best from the living, the dead, thought-forms and spirits. They also block those who pass away from crossing over and I assist in that as well.

I am very loyal, I am deeply passionate, kind, considerate, compassionate and fiercely protective. I am an artist, a writer, and a poet. Yet at this time those practices are simmering on the back burner.

I have deep soul connections to India, Nepal, China, Russia, Japan, Cambodia, Norway, British Isles, Morocco, Egypt, Iran, Mozambique, Uganda, Venezuela, Canada and America.

As I completed 7 years of training and mentor-ships and an additional 8 years of experiential / applied training, I have had few moments of deep, peace and calm. I cherish them immensely and await more of them to fill my life.

It is true I have had a hard life, but I embrace it for the teachings and experiences it gave me. I embrace the gifts I have acquired from it, as it gave me the tools and relational skills to do what I love most which is help others and the ripple effect is created to unify.

Some say this is the natural journey of a shaman, spiritual warrior or a healer. I have not chosen a title but I consider myself an Practitioner with many resources.

My Name

Veena Saraswati is my birth name. As a child I enjoyed my name, felt it matched my interests and gave me something to strive toward. At the age of 35 I fully embraced this name after reflecting on a turbulent time and a Vedic Astrology reading. The reading reminded me that I was born in Hamsa Yoga, meaning the Swan, the carrier of Brahma the creator and Saraswati the goddess of Knowledge, Arts and Culture.

I embraced my name and made a vow, “May I, Veena, be a voice for Saraswati and guide beings to Universal Light, so natural arts and creative arts can thrive in this world.”

I hold gratitude to my mother for choosing a name and allowing a birth time that matched me so well.


My Training & Experience

Kyudo, Japanese Zen Archery 1996-present

Zen Buddhist Mediation 1996-present

Eastern and Western Massage and Bodywork 2000-present

Usui Reiki Master, 5 lineages 2002-2007

Sivananda Yoga Teacher 2005-present

Intuitive Skills Series 2002-2008, Aureya Magdalene

Personal Training with Aureya Magdalene 2002-2015

Women’s Wisdom, Living Awareness Institute, Kami McBride 2004

Massage Doula, Labor and Delivery Doula 2008-present

Ordained Minister & Doctor of Divinity, 2014

Experiential and Developmental Training in Herbs and Nutrition 1995-present

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