My favorite people, places and things

Often there is hidden value in the obscure, hard to find, humble and unknown

Nutrition & Herbs:

Heavy Nettle Herbal Wisdom
Root of Happiness Kava Natural Stress and Pain Relief
Healthforce SuperFoods
Dr. Sebi Cell Food SuperHerbs

Self Care, Expansions, Council and Training’s:

Aureya Magdalene Energetic Self Care and Training’s

Irene Lyon Innovative Care for Healing Trauma

Lara Rose Duong Modern Money Witch

Alexi Panos Transformational Online Training’s and In Person Workshops to support Getting You out of the Way of You

Gifted Coaches & Workshop Leaders

Morgan Yakus Integrative Hyponotherapy, Past Life Regression and Gifted Tonic Creator

Ania Volovique Business Strategy and Branding Photography

Spiritual Science: Astrology, Numerology & Tarot

Leslie Galbrith Astrologer with a Jungian Approach / Article

Freedom Cole Jotish / Vedic Astrology

Ginnie Jester City Mystic – Tarot, Astrology, Numerology

Scott Alexander King  Spirit Animals

Tools with Integrity

The Moon Deck Oracle Cards

Kim Krans

Egloo Candle Powered Heat

AlohaBay Fair Trade Candles and Salt Lamps

Goodlights Fair Trade Candles

Public Market T-Shirts and Totes that Heal

ARJUNA Spiritual Warrior Clothing

Fontus Airfilled Water Botttles

Amanda Ross Skin Care

Garden of Eden Apothecary

Kimberly Parry Organics

Vapour Organic Beauty

Alima Pure Mineral Makeup