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Northern California:
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Upcoming Visits for In Person Adoration, Reverance and Honoring Sessions

National | International
New York, NY – February 2018

Chicago, Illinois – March 2018

Atlanta, Georgia – July 2018

Bandon, Oregon – August 2018

Vancouver B.C. – September 2018

Paradise Island, Bahamas – Full Moon Retreats

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico – New Moon Gratitiude and Manifestation Retreats

The Goals

My goal for you is to create clarity, strength and eventually peace and calm around your path. To help you feel validated and empowered by your intuition and persevere through the toughest and honestly some of the scariest times.

The big picture goal and what I do is support the transformation of souls, both seen and unseen, into their highest selves and place them on a path to radiance and joy.

I assist each person that I work with into alignment with their soul’s potential and offer tools for self care, self healing and protection.

From these actions a positive ripple effect occurs and creates more beauty, compassion and community.


I would like to thank all I have met on this journey, especially my clients and the intuitive friends, mentors and healers I have known along the way. Thank you for all your care, wisdom, teachings, training’s and for the sharing of your life experiences.

Thank you to the community builders, the artists and musicians who present their passion, skill and pleasure to us and to the businesses who host them.

Together you will create culture and build community.