My Approach

My Intuitive Ethics

I do not work unless guided, and granted permission.

I can only clear what is ready to clear.

I only look at what you ask me to look at, or what your guides tell me to inquire about. With your permission, I follow the threads.

Because of these ethics, I do not consider myself a psychic in the stereotypical sense of “one who see all”. I use my skills to see what needs to be seen for me to clear and release what needs to move or shift, for your truest path to unfold, or to align you with your goals.

Continued Support

This is something I do naturally when guided. I have been doing it all of my life and it is just who I am.

It is included in your session and as a client of mine. Once you are one of my clients you will be continually cared for. “What does this mean?” you may wonder. Often I will be guided to support a past client. I set time aside for this daily.

During highly intense periods of time for the world, I set time aside several times a day. I am also alerted at times out of nowhere, by my intuition, that there is something I can offer someone.

You may wonder if my work is timely for the unknowing client. Yes, I do have a several filters that I utilize first to make sure I have permission by your highest self and personal guides, and that I can assist you without emotionally or energetically disrupting your day.

When something comes up for you that needs care, I will most often just do the work that is needed, nothing more or less, without notifying you.

Think of this as a healer’s way of sending a prayer or thinking of you the way a loved one would. If it is something huge, I will let you know by sending you a heart bubble and an emoticon via facebook messenger, text or email so that you know I have sent some care your way and may choose to increase your self care, be gentle, and be aware of any positive shifts.

Some clients refer to me jokingly as their on-call soul doctor, spiritual warrior or energetic bodyguard.

At times I may be your energetic bodyguard; but you, your guides, angels and other spiritual protectors are your strongest and constant guards.

Supporting you in developing inner strength is my goal, and I can always assist you when you’re down and out by reminding your system of its inner strength.

My Vision

I believe that as energies are shed, the individual blooms and so does the community around them.

I hold faith that the world of music, art and an expansion across cultures will grow and thrive.

As each person uplifts and connects, community is built.

I see each person as a lotus in the pond, just below the surface. As the lotus reaches for the sun and breaks through the surface, a ripple is created.

It is just enough of a ripple to bring the light of the sun below the surface, guiding others to the light.

Eventually the lotus pond is full of color, depth and variation, with rich darkness below and brilliant iridescence above.

Soothing green, sun-absorbing pads float between us, providing air and carrying nourishment to our roots.

Air is our boundless connection to each other, there is not separation so we must collaborate even with the unseen.


May we see the light in each other, the oneness, the uniqueness.

May we enjoy each others company in sound, in word, in beauty and in prayer.

May we drop all fears, judgments, and ill will.

May we learn to support and find great delight in each other, as we are the same.

Considering a Session? What goes into a session and additional support service options:

The amount of work we can complete in one hour together would most often require 10 individual -1 hour sessions with another practitioner.

My experience and practice allows me to work very quickly and very thoroughly.

Most energywork sessions with reiki masters and experienced practitioners cost $150-225 an hour internationally.

Again, I can do 10 times the work in 1 hour. The work we can complete in just a few sessions can lift stuck energies and prevent months and years of struggle or strife.

My prices not only reflect the amount of care I can provide in a short amount of time, but also the amount or energy it takes to provide this care to you.

As I value your time and money, I will do my best to work as thoroughly and concisely as I can. I will avoid un-needed story or detail that does not serve your understanding.

I will continue to hold space for your process, the completion of our work and your most aligned pathways for whatever the unforeseen time is after our session ends. Most often this is three days of energetic support but may extend if needed.

Again, this is all energy for your care. If story and process are important for you in finding what support you may need, then we can and will make time to unravel what may be just underneath the surface. This can be done by extending the length of your session, or by email.

In addition to your session, the continued support that I detailed above will be offered as needed, and when I am guided to do so mutually by both of our guides.

After your session, if you feel you need more focused, intentional, additional care I do offer Post Session Support. This is a conscious contract which allows me to work at a greater depth to support you from a distance.

You may physically or even mentally feel the energetic care throughout each day we agree to set aside time for support.  You may feel you need this support or I will suggest this additional service if I am told it is needed for your highest good.

I offer 3 Post Session Support options:

  • Email  Q&A Follow Up (set of 3 email threads, suggested used bi-weekly)
  • Daily tune ups for 1-45 days
  • Daily tune up and Emai Q&A follow up Combo

See details page for pricing

What to Expect in a Session

Each session begins with a compassion clearing which takes an average of 20 minutes. Additional time is used to offer not only guidance, but energetic support and clearings to bring you to your truest path.

Remember each session is unique. The energy medicine and clearings I provide with you may include all, or some of the following:

  • Reiki
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Meridian, Organ and Emotion Balancing
  • Aura Balancing
  • Intuitive Medical Reading
  • Relationship Cord Readings and Balancing
  • Soul Contracts and Agreements
  • Past Life Reading
  • Connecting to Spirit Guides and Angels
  • Clearing and Releasing Beings
  • Intuitive Reading
  • Guidance
  • Work Dynamics
  • Family Dynamics
  • Community Dynamics
  • Global Dynamics
  • Activating Soul Gifts
  • Developing and Strengthening Intuition

We may work on clearing and strengthening your energy fields, chakras, organs and body systems.

We may clear entities in your space that are blocking you, causing body pain, misleading you or simply draining you.

We may work on releasing negative thoughts or patterns that are no longer serving you.

Perhaps we support or clear a friend through you. We may even clear your home, car or pathways from a distance.

You may have a drama or story that you know means something more, and you need help unraveling its significance. We can release the trauma from the body memory as well as the soul.

Once we get through the self care level, we can work with the bigger picture of your divine work through family, work or community. Some of you may be Community Leaders, Healing Practitioners, Creative Artists and supporters, Entrepreneurs, the Matriarch or Patriarch of your family, a CEO or VP of a major company, a community volunteer or a board member of one or many large organizations.

Once self care is established, we can work on your path at these larger levels.

I am happy to work on all these things with you. I say “work” with you, because even though I may be facilitating these shifts, your presence, awareness, participation, energy-bodies, angels and guides are working with me, too.

If you choose to have a session with me in person it may include massage for which I am trained in over 12 eastern and western modalities.  Have created and developed signature sessions and spa treatments. I love to truly pamper my clients with a luxury spa session experience.