Work with Me

I believe you’re here because you’re ready for something unwanted to be shed.

To create space for a new way of being and to expand. And ultimately –– to grow, thrive and learn how to balance the energies at play in your life. My work is to support you on your journey to upliftment and connect you to your highest self.

It starts within –– through collaboration with the unseen. By getting what we don’t need out of the way, we create opportunities to call the good into your life.

My 1:1 services can help you with challenges you might be facing with your:

● Home: Clearings and blessings from energy imbalances, creating collective support for stability, security and a feeling of ease, aligning what exists and attracting what supports each person in within the home.

● Relationship: Finding alignment with your partner, family & community.

● Pregnancy: Connecting with your baby to be, newborn child, healing from miscarriages, and releasing fertility blockages.

● Career: Assessing your goals and unexpected shifts.

● Events: Holding space for significant events and environments that require your energy, like weddings or important business events.

Types of sessions and services I provide:

Energy Medicine

Massage Bodywork with Energy Medicine

Sacred Space Clearings

Ceremonies Blessings and Events

Holding Space

Intuitive Apothecary

Sacred Space Toolkits

“I love creating detailed and personalized support tools for my guests and clients. These are either hand selected, gathered and most often made from scratch by me personally with the highest intention.