Ceremonies, Clearings & Blessings

  • Modern Infant Baptism & Baby Naming
  • Love
  • House Blessing
  • House Clearing
  • Real Estate Clearings
  • Business Blessings
  • Business Clearing
  • Corporate, Small Business & Event Clearings
  • Micro Business Blessing
  • Distance Clearings and Maintanence for Micro Business & Homes

All Ceremonies, Clearings and Blessings are done in person and will be held in my thoughts and energetically supported for 8 days after our session has completed.

Distance Clearings for Home and Micro Business can be booked online.

Corporate, Small Business and Event Clearings are customized to your needs.

Modern Infant Baptism & Baby Naming

In the modern baptism together we create a ceremony that calls in a clearing of the past and brings in protection, support and clarity for the future.

For the naming ceremony we clear any negative thoughts toward the name within the circle of family and friends. We then ask the soul to receive the name fully and completely. We honor the name for what it carries from the past and the doors it can open in the future, so the name is fully received. Flower essences, aromatherapy and herbal waters are prepared as offerings in this service. Friends and family are given the opportunity to be involved.

Starting at $700

Love:  Affirmation of Love | Commitment | Marriage | Renewal of Marriage Vows

So much can be done here. This is completely customized and harmonized for your partnership and community.

Starting at $700

House Blessing:  Play . Growth . Rest


The home is blessed by calling in all the positive intentions for each member of the family to thrive in the new space.

Starting at $700

House Clearing:  Clear . Protect . Hearten

If you’re unsettled, restless, feeling unsafe or family members, including pets, are not getting along, a house clearing can help. Together we clear all non-supportive energies, inside, outside and within the structure of the home. Protection and support for all members of the home will be called in.

Starting at $900

Real Estate Clearings

Property not selling, I can help.

Starting at $1900

Business Blessing:  Support . Protect . Grow

Are you moving your business or starting a new one?

We call in all the intentions of the business for the owners, the employees, the customers and the community.

Starting at $1100

Business Clearing:  Clear . Protect . Attract

This is the best way to re-harmonize your vision with your offerings to attract the right customers.

I clear all negative intentions toward the business.

I create an alignment of energies between team and owner for a positive outcome.

Protection and Attraction will be called into the business location and all energetic perception of the business.

Follow up phone sessions also available. These are most often needed when there are changes such as staff, construction, marketing, services and products.

Corporate, Small Business & Event Clearings 

Contact directly for all inquires, customized package, and scheduling.

Micro Business Clearings

Operations Staff of 8 people or less.


Distance Clearings for Micro Businesses

  • Initial Session $2000 – 80 minute session
  • Follow Up Session $1000 – 45 minute session

Maintenance Sessions for Micro Business

  • Distance Business Tune Up- Single $300
  • Distance Business Tune Up – Weekly (package of 5 for $1325)
  • Monthly Memberships $2325 (1 follow up phone session and 5 tune ups)