Details: Sessions and Payment

Appointments and Payments

Online appointments are available for phone sessions and reserving time for post session support.

For in person sessions please send an email request.

Appointment Deposits

  • I am no longer taking deposits for phone sessions. Phone Session must be paid in full or payment arrangement made in advanced and appointments must be confirmed before appointment.
  • $500 for ceremonies and blessings payment deposit
  • $800 for in person session payment deposit

Account Payments

Remaining balance for each session is due after the session is complete. This ensures you integrate all the work fully. When payment is not made, the work is not valued and your energetic systems unravels all we have woven together for you and your community.

You may also make a payment any time towards your house account for future sessions.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are an option but arrangements must be made before our first session.

Phone Session Preparation

Please allow yourself 5-10 minutes before your session begins to settle in, get centered and prepare for your session.

  • Find a quiet time and comfortable space to sit.
  • You may wish to write down anything you want me to look at, or questions that you may have.
  • It can help to have a focal point. (I suggest a Candle, Crystal or Picture.)
  • You may wish to take notes, so have tools for that if desired.
  • I suggest you prepare to have electronics and lights off as much as possible for this session.
  • Think of how truth resonates in your body. Reflect on how your body gives you a sense of knowing, “That’s it!” or, “Ah ha”. Most often people can feel when something is either dead on or not quite right. I expect you to be open, inquisitive and discerning. I do my best to be clear, accurate and as unbiased as I can be in my perception.
  • For your session you may lie down, sit or even walk; as long as you are comfortable, present and grounded either in your seat or your feet.

In-Person Session Preparation

Let me create and hold a space for you that allows you to let go. I will guide you to whatever seems most important for us to work on together. Most often you will rest on a massage table with a cozy blanket and pillow. If sitting feels best, I will make sure you are comfortable and relaxed.

Comfortable cotton clothing is best for Energywork and Asian Bodywork.

If you are receiving Massage and Bodywork, then it is best to arrive clean with no lotion or perfume. You will be professionally draped for your entire session.

After Care

Energywork can often have detoxifying effects. You may have a burst of energy at first, followed by a loss of energy; so be kind, easy and patient with yourself.

  • Drink lots of water or Tisanes / Herbal Tea.
  • Eat simple fresh food.
  • Rest when tired.
  • Journal, meditate and allow yourself time to process our work, even schedule time if needed.

Post Session Support

Sessions can stir up vivid dreams, deepen meditations, create changes in relationships, your home, your body and emotions. These changes or details can bring up questions, unfold new insight or create new opportunities for healing. It is important to me to be available to offer additional insight for your journey as it unfolds. This is optional, as not everyone will need this support.

Inquiry and Follow up:

$100 includes 3 follow up Q & A emails (suggested bi-weekly, or as needed).

These emails are for support around the concerns, intentions, tools and clearings we have already covered and set in place in the most recent session.

Any new events, occurrences, questions we did not already address requires a lot of base line work and those may need to be saved for another time in a new session.

Why a charge for emails?

Intuitive work begins the second you send the email. Energetic shifts begin before I even respond. I use my intuition when responding to your emails. So a small payment is requested to honor the energy exchange.

Post Session Support, Daily Tune Up:

$175 per a day / $1078 per a week / $3234 for 21 days / $6075 for 45 days

per person and primary focus*, each additional person or focus is $95

Post Session Support, Daily Email Inquiry Follow-up and Daily Tune Up:

$225 per a day/ $1386 per a week / $3969 per 21 days / $8100 per 45 days

per person and primary focus*, each additional person or focus is $95

How it Works:

I go through a personal compassion clearing for each agreed day to make sure you are centered, balanced, supported and nothing is blocking you directly or indirectly.

This a non-intrusive support tool.

I will not be psychically spying into the details of your life.

Just clearing layers as they reveal supporting your positive growth.

*focus could be family, work, travel, community, project

Payment Options

All payments are now processed through Mindbody Online at the time of booking unless alternate arrangements have been made in advance.

Simple and easy.

I look forward to working with you.

Thank You,