Post Session Support

Post Session Support

Sessions can stir up vivid dreams, deepen meditations, create changes in relationships, your home, your body and emotions. These changes or details can bring up questions, unfold new insight or create new opportunities for healing. It is important to me to be available to offer additional insight for your journey as it unfolds. This is optional, as not everyone will need this support.

Inquiry and Follow up:

$150 includes 3 follow up Q & A emails (suggested bi-weekly, or as needed).

These emails are for support around the concerns, intentions, tools, clearings we have already covered and set in place in the most recent session.

Any new events, occurrences, questions we did not already address requires a lot of base line work and those may need to be saved for another time in a new session.

Why a charge for emails?

Intuitive work begins when you send the email, energetic shifts begin and I use my intuition when responding to your emails not my personal view point.

Post Session Support, Daily Tune Up:

$175 per a day / $1078 per a week / $3234 for 21 days / $6075 for 45 days

Post Session Support, Daily Email Inquiry Follow-up and Daily Tune Up:

$225 per a day/ $1386 per a week / $3969 per 21 days / $8100 per 45 days

per person and primary focus*, each additional person or focus is $95

*focus could be family, work, travel, community, project

How it Works:

I go through a personal compassion clearing for each agreed day to make sure you are centered, balanced, supported and nothing is blocking you directly or indirectly.

This a non intrusive support tool.

I will not be psychically spying into the details of your life.

Just clearing layers as they reveal supporting your positive growth.

This is a great support between phone sessions. Phone sessions reveal much more information and include 3 days of energetic support and emails.


All appointments may be booked through MindBody Online.

Payment Options

All payments can be processed through Mindbody Online at the time of booking

unless alternate arrangements have been made in advance.

Simple and easy.