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Each Session Includes

  • 72 hours of Energetic Support
  • 3 days of Email Followup, Q& A
  • continued energetic support as a client

Luminescence Essentials

Personalized Intuitive Aromatherapy Blend:

This session can be provided either in person or by phone. Let me know your aches and pains, moods or struggles and I will create a personalized blend to help you shift what is needed to allow your being to move and flow. Your aromatic blend of essential oils and flower essences will be made during our session. You will receive it on the spot if having an in person session, or your blend will be shifted overnight.

You will receive two bottles. A tightly sealed glass 4oz. bottle along with an intuitively chosen decorative bottle for you to fill and refill

(overnight shipping included within United States, additional charge for International shipping)

Recommended once every 4 months, or as often as needed*

Phone Session  $250

Luminescence Clarity

Compassion Clearing:

This intuitive energy medicine session is based on compassionately clearing the layers that surround you and are within you. Bringing clarity, freedom and movement into your life. Creating clear and strong pathways that serve you.

See Details for how to prepare for a session.

Introductory Phone Sessions

Follow Up Phone Sessions

  • $400 – 30 min. session
  • $600 – 45 min. session
  • $800 – 60 min. session
  • $1200 -90 min. session
  • $1600 -2 hour session

Luminescence Adoration

Compassion Clearing & Intuitive Aromatherapy Blend:

Share what is happening in your world. We will then begin with a compassion clearing so your being is as balanced, aligned and harmonized as possible before we create your custom blend. This way your blend can support you in your new alignment on your path.

Recommended every 3 months or as often as needed

80 min. phone session and custom blend sent over night

Luminescence Reverence

Compassion Clearing, Bodywork & Intuitive Aromatherapy Blend:

This session is designed to see you fully, clearly and to support you in being your fullest, truest self. After a compassion clearing, together we will pick the energy and bodywork that we both feel will serve you best. Some techniques will be intuitively chosen. Custom Aromatherapy blending included. My goal is for you to leave feeling deeply appreciated, accepted and seen for the amazing soul you are. For you to leave feeling revered.

Initial, In Person Session for 2 hours $2320 | Follow Up Sessions 75 min. $1450

(Appointment Deposit $1200)

additional time can be made available if needed

additional 30 min. $500 | additional hour $1000

appointments are made by email request only

Luminescence Honoring

  • Full Day In Person Session for 5 hours
  • Post Session Support: 45 days of daily tune ups
  • Intuitive Aromatherapy Blend
  • Self Care Kit for Body
  • Self Care Kit for Sacred Space
  • Overnight Accomodations

Prerequisite: 2- 75min. or longer introductory sessions,within the last 6 months

Through my training in meditative arts since young childhood, my many years of massage experience and an appreciation for spa treatments, I have developed a love for nurturing the body through intention and care. I have created Honoring.

An Honoring session is a four hour completely customized session to care for the physical and energetic body in layers, that honors the body and calms the mind.

An additional hour is reserved for a consult, foot soak massage before session and time for tea and grounding after session.

Your session will be conducted with intention and silent prayer or mantras that match your energy in each moment.

Your full being will receive care from head to toe.

I use organic products made by herbal artisans or made from scratch personally for you, combined with techniques that synergistically build upon each other.

Your session may include aromatherapy, thermotherapy, soothing scrubs, herbs, dense healing clays, essential oils, warm and cool stones, hot and cool towels, and herbal pillows all to cleanse, soothe and nourish your body. Western massage and Asian bodywork techniques using body oils, butters, toners and liniments will follow.

This session leaves you light and fluid.

Organic cold press juices, organic tea, infusions, fruit and snacks will be served throughout your honoring session. You will also receive a personalized intuitive aromatherapy blend and two take home kits (one for self care and one for sacred space).

This is all provided in a soothing hotel room, cottage or retreat.

You may use this room till checkout the following day.

Recommended 1-2 times a year

$12,000 (Appointment Deposit $2550)

Appointments made by email request only

As often as needed*

Times of big transition, such as moving / new school or career / loss or grief, or awareness of complete depletion like deep depression or post traumatic stress, cause your whole being to need extra care and support. During these healing times you may need sessions as often as twice a week, weekly or bi-weekly. You may find you go through your intuitive aromatherapy blend in as little time as a week.


Appointments may be booked through MindBody Online.

Payment Options

All payments are processed through Mindbody Online at the time of booking unless alternate arrangements have been made in advance.

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