Introductory Sessions & Packages

Luminescence Compassion Clearings & Packages

Introductory Session

Luminescence Clarity | Compassion Clearing:

This intuitive energy medicine session is based on compassionately clearing the layers that surround you and are within you. I am able to clear with “light and Speed.” Bringing clarity, freedom and movement into your life. Creating clear and strong pathways that serve you. See Details for how to prepare for a session.

  • 75 min. $500  ($1000 Regular Rate) Most Recommended
  • 90+ min. $600  ($1200 Regular) for many questions, an un-timed session that completes when the work is done, averages 1 hour and 45 min, anytime over 2 hours, will be charged at the introductory rate of $400 an hour.

additional option: Post Session Support:  Inquiry and Follow up | Daily Tune Ups, starting at $150. See below packages for more info.

Introductory Clarity Package – 45 days

no-prior sessions required

We work together for 6 1/2 weeks to clear and align your dreams, with your pathways and community, removing un-needed obstacles

  • 90 min.+ phone session offering energetic clearing, support and guidance
  • 6 follow up Q& A emails
  • 3 bi-weekly follow up sessions 45 min each
  • Post Session Support- Daily Tune Ups: 45 days of daily clearings
  • Self Care Tools
  • Continued support as guided


Payment plan options available

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Transition Package – 3 months

1 prior introductory session required

Transitions take a lot of energy and can often leave you vulnerable as you process your next step or venture, uproot and replant in a move, or shift your lifestyle for yourself or to include another. I’m happy to assist in what ever this transition may be for you.

Together we can support your transition with a 3 month distance package

Month 1:

  • 1 hour Luminescence Clarity Session,
  • 30 min. follow-up session,
  • 2 bi-weekly follow-up emails
  • Self care tools
  • Post Session Support/ Daily tune ups: 45 days of Intention and Energy Support Begins

Month 2:

  • 1 hour Luminescence Clarity Session
  • 30 min. follow-up session
  • 2 bi-weekly follow-up emails
  • additional self care tools
  • daily tune ups continue till 45th day

Month 3:

  • 80 min. Luminescence Adoration Session
  • intuitive aromatherapy blend sent overnight
  • 30 min. follow up session
  • 2 bi-weekly follow-up emails
  • Closely observing your clarity and need for daily tune ups continues and guidance in using your support tools to stay clear

Continued support as guided by our mutual guides


payment plan options available

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Complete Clearing & Energetic Self Care Training – 4 to 6 months

1 prior introductory session required

For everyone.

For the empath, the teacher, the healing practitioner, the parent, the manager, business owner, the empathetic creative or activist.

These tools will support you, protect you and assist you for a lifetime.

This Series supports you…

  • in clearing, centering and enhancing all your connections.
  • in receiving personalized one on one training for intuitive self care and development. You will learn how to hold you, your body, your energy fields, your environments including your home, work, car, travel and play.
  • in living in alignment and giving you the tools to immediately know when you are not aligned.
  • in learning the best ways to re-center yourself, tailored to your unique being.

16 – total of sessions over 4-6 months (flexible and tailored timeline)

  • 6 – 1 hour sessions
  • 10 – 30 min sessions
  • 9 – follow up Q&A emails
  • continued support as guided
  • self care tools throughout to practice, play with and master
  • Post Session Support – Daily Tune Ups: Intention and Energy Support for a full 45 days after your 1st session


payment plan options available

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Post Session Support

Sessions can stir up vivid dreams, deepen meditations, create changes in relationships, your home, your body and emotions. These changes or details can bring up questions, unfold new insight or create new opportunities for healing. It is important to me to be available to offer additional insight for your journey as it unfolds. This is optional, as not everyone will need this support.

Inquiry and Follow up:
In addition the 3 days of email Q & A you can sign up additional support between sessions.
$150 includes 3 follow up Q & A emails (suggested bi-weekly, or as needed).

These emails are for support around the concerns, intentions, tools, clearings we have already covered and set in place in the most recent session.

Any new events, occurrences, questions that do not relate to what we already addressed requires a lot of base line work and additional clearing and those need to be saved for another time in a new session. If you’re not sure if it relates, it never hurts to ask, I will let you know if it feels solid enough to answer or needs another session.

Post Session Daily Tune Up:

$175 per a day / $1078 per a week / $3234 for 21 days /$6075 45 days

Post Session Support, Daily Email Inquiry Follow-up and Daily Tune Up:

$225 per a day/ $1386 per a week / $3969 per 21 days / $8100 per 45 days

per person and primary focus*, each additional person or focus is $95

*focus could be family, work, travel, community, project

I go through a compassion clearing for each agreed day to make sure you or your focus are centered, balanced, supported and nothing is blocking you directly or indirectly.

How to Sign Up:

Phone Sessions provided by Phone or Facetime.

See the details page for how to best prepare for our session.
Please book online the session that feels best to you.

For In-Person sessions please send an email request.

Payment Options

All payments are now processed through Mindbody Online at the time of booking unless alternate arrangements have been made in advance.