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Distance Healing Sessions: 

My distance healing sessions will ignite the change you are looking for in your life + work so you can make the greatest impact and share your gifts with the world. 

People often refer to me as their best kept secret

because I go beyond surface level healing. 

I search for the roots that are often hidden in the shadows that other healers can’t see. If you want an idea of what that means, my clients say working with me is like, “10 years of therapy in one hour.” 

By creating clear and strong pathways that serve you, the parts of your life that make you feel “stuck” will begin to reveal themselves to you.

This is a step beyond working with a medium. 

I call myself a clearer. I’ve moved out of just communicating with the other side (of course, we can do that, too). My real skill set is removing blocks that keep you stuck. 

Think of it like a psychic reading, but with an extra dose of intuition-building. 

A psychic looks outside and sees all these things lined up for how life is right now, and usually that’s pretty accurate. But it doesn’t really allow for an element of choice as much; it doesn’t really empower people to make a path or shift. 

Instead of fixating on the past, my goal is to clear whatever is blocking you (literally and figuratively), and then help prepare you for the future.

We’ll check your energy channel, chakra, aura, past lives and so much more. We are going to go deep, because deep is where I live. It’s where the hidden treasure of your soul lies and I have the map and key to anything standing in the way. 

Luminescence is my signature method of intuitive energy medicine that I developed. It combines all of my training + experience over this lifetime (and wisdom pulled in from my lifetimes before). 

Luminescence Compassion Clearing –Introductory Session 

What’s Included + How it Works:

Three days of on and offline sessions, clearings, and support care.

Phone Sessions: This can be a minimum of 30 minutes for busy people and emergency situations up to a maximum of 2 hours and 20 minutes for those who have the time to go into deep detail. 

Four hours for each clearing on or offline to finalize our initial session (I do this remotely). 

Report: from our phone session and offline clearing. 

Integration Support: Following each phone Session and Distance Clearing are three days of post-session energetic support

Email Support: 3 days of email / text support. 

Support Tools: access to simple and effective energetically charged e-guides. 

2 week check-in via email. 

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Luminescence Journey –

10 Month Self Alignment Training & Luminescence Attunement 

You are ready to step into a new way of existing in your life? You are ready to step into expansion and leave your current way of living behind. 

I am here to be your guide, mentor and energetic body guard. We work together closely one-on-one to align the life of your dreams with your soul. 

You may be going to a life transition (death, divorce, becoming a parent, moving, starting a new job or business). Or perhaps, you are ready to make that change yourself. 

This work shifts the energy not only within you, but around you –– so that you can best serve the people in your life, and they can do the same for you.

Our goal of working together is for you to hold your own energetic alignment so that you don’t have to rely on working with me. You are going to be so level, that you only call me when there’s something life-changing, tragic, or an opportunity [presents itself]. 

Luminescence Compassion Clearings – 

Complete Clearing & Energetic Self-Care Training Monthly Retainership 

What’s Included + How it Works: One-on-one training for intuitive self care, development and holding a new energetic alignment that supports your souls highest good. This is a beautiful process because your intuition gets stronger and you become more intuitive yourself. 

Twenty one compassion clearings phone sessions. Averaging 1-3 calls a month. These can be a minimum of 30 minutes for busy people and emergency situations up to a maximum of 2 hours and 20 minutes for those who have the time to go into deep detail. 

Karmic Journey which is two phone sessions, 3-4 hours in length. 

Integration Support: three to eight days of post-session energetic support after each call.

Email Support: after each call receive three days of email / text support. 

Regular daily distance “tune ups” for clearing, centering and enhancing of all your connections and pathways (done by me remotely). 

Personalized guides: meditations, declarations, and intention setting guides. 

In-depth confidential Astrology Report

Intuitive timelines and dates with Astrology Support

Four seasonal Astro-transit reports

Support Tools: access to simple and effective energetically charged e-guides. 

Holding Space: 4 months of support till your holding your own alignment. 

Email and text support via an encrypted service. 

One-on-one Retainerships are very limited. Please contact me to see about availability. Contracts are available to individuals and families for four, seven and ten month cycles.

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Do you offer in-person sessions?

Currently, I am not offering in-person sessions. All my sessions are distance-based. I look forward to connecting in person soon.

Can you come to an event (like my wedding) and perform a clearing for me?

All my energetic work and support is from a distance at this time. You can always book one of my services to help support you through your event ideally before, during and after.

Do you offer any other services?

Yes! Besides working with people individually, I also work with small businesses, B-corps, perform personalized ceremonies, blessings, workshops and retreats, as well as my a La Carte offerings to my current clients. 

Why are your prices higher than other healers? 

I place high value on the importance of holding space for my clients –– this means that after our session is complete, I don’t send you off into the world on your own. 

I ensure that I’m checking in on you, performing clearings as agreed upon and that you are prepared to move through your day-to-day life with ease. 

You are investing in your transformation. Your personal payment to me is the agreement for the growth, healing, and change that you want to flourish in your life. Creating a mutual agreement that wards off derailment. 

My clients say the level of support is “100 times a session with a traditional medium” and one session with me is “worth $50,000.”

This is a signature offering, I developed after 7 years of study and 7 years of personal practice.

How do you accept payment?

Booking is available through MindBody Online. Payment is required before our session. Your pre-payment for your services is your investment in transformation.

Your payment completes the energy exchange being fully supported and supports the full integration of all the work that begins from the moment you make your first appointment or send your first request to connect.

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