Signature Services

With each of my signature session, series & package below, the following services are always included:

Energetic Clearing: To bring clarity, movement and freedom into your life by removing unwanted obstacles.

 Holding Space: I hold space for all my clients after our work together to ensure they can process the layers shedding, the emotions they’re processing and their subconscious/unconscious state. This varies from package to package, at a minimum includes 72 hours of care.

Self-Care Tools: Curated resources I’ve created over the years to best support your journey to healing and nurturing your highest self.

Available Services

Energetic Level Up

Compassion Clearing – Intro Session

This intuitive energy medicine session helps you tackle the blockages in your way –– and we overcome it with light and speed.
By creating clear and strong pathways that serve you, the parts of your life that make you feel “stuck” will begin to reveal themselves to you. Whether it’s re-establishing communication and connection with a partner or colleague, gaining clarity on a challenging decision, reigniting your creativity or you just need to go from overwhelmed to grounded…We can accomplish all this and more with a Compassion Clearing. After our session together, we’ll stay in touch to make sure you’re feeling supported and energetically aligned.

● One phone session
● 3 day post-session energetic & email support
● 2 week check-in

Your investment:
● 90+ minute session: $600 (savings of $1000)

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For the Committed Change-maker

Introductory Clarity Package – 45 days

I believe that the deepest healing takes its time. Within 45 days, we can allow for the time your mind, body and spirit requires to make conscious changes. To help support you to build up the inner strength so that you don’t have to rely on energetic bodyguards like me, we work together closely to align your dreams with your soul. This work shifts the energy not only within you, but around you –– so that you can best serve the people in your life, and they can do the same for you.

● Initial 90 minute phone session
● Additional three 45 minute phone sessions
● Follow-up Q&A emails
● Daily clearings
● Post-session support

Your investment:
● $7575 (savings of $1915, payment plans available)

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For the Soul Shaper

Complete Clearing & Energetic Self-Care Training- 4-7 months

This option is for anyone who is seeking out the tools they’ll need to support them not just for now, next week, next month or next year…

This is for the deep workers who want to change how they move through life –– for good.

And if you find yourself unsettled due to a major life change (like a divorce or recent death) or overwhelmed with positive life changes (new move, work expansion or travel) with or without your regular support system in place, I can serve as your emotional bodyguard during this time.

I frequently work with empaths, teachers, healing practitioners, parents, artists on tour, business owners and creatives with this package that will support you on an ongoing basis.

Learn how to hold and align your body, energy fields and environments and how to re-center.

When you choose monthly care for continued support, you receive:

● Regular clearing, centering and enhancing of all your connections
● 1:1 training for intuitive self care and development
● Total of 16 sessions
● Follow-up emails
● Post-session support

Your investment:
● $12,040 (savings of $3,010; monthly payment plans available)

Should you need more support after 7 months of our work together, this plan is available for re-purchase.

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My first session… There are hardly the right words to describe what she did for me. My eyes felt as if they had just been opened! I could physically feel the heat and vibration of the energy circulating in and around me. Let’s fast forward to now. Since we met, I have viewed Veena as my angel. No matter what part of the world I am in, she is simply a phone call away. She is a very powerful force and any who crosses her path is blessed. She made a believer out of a skeptic. I recommend a session with her to absolutely ANYONE, whether you have a physical or emotional ailment. Need some clarity? She changed my life — and she will change yours too.”



For the Warrior’s Journey

 Customized Retainership

Your monthly retainer is added to your house account and you can reach out as needed, unscheduled by email or text for me to take a quick look, clear, support or align what is needed in the day or in the weeks to come for you, your family or team.

You will have priority to schedule a call within 48 hours if needed. Emergency calls can be made within 1-4 hours.  In addition to sessions and post session support, (text/ signal) message support is available.

Journeys are also provided on your behalf to take a deeper look at any specific concerns or karmic patterns that reveal in a call or thread.

Retainerships are limited. Please contact me to see about availability. Contracts are available to Individuals and Families for 7 month and 10 month cycles.

Unused funds naturally remain in the house account to be used in busy months to come. Most often evening out in the end of our journey together.

Starting at $4000/month

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Don’t see what you need?

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“I cannot recommend Veena’s profound services enough, in fact I’ve referred everyone I know to her and they have all had the same reaction: She is amazing!
Her crystal clear insights into the past, present and future have helped me to navigate the painful, difficult and confusing path of personal healing.
Since working with Veena these past 5 months, my confidence has doubled and my intuition and own healing practice have increased in magnitude.
Sessions with her are deeply cleansing, and her loving, gentle and supportive manner help me to feel safe throughout.
I always leave sessions with her feeling emotionally lighter, more focused and grounded, and excited for what the future will bring.”
– R.C.

“I’ve been seeing Veena primarily for intuitive energy work for the last 4 years, and I can say with an honest heart that I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t met her. In my first session with her, I was new to energy work and had no idea what to expect, but her presence instantly made me feel comfortable. After looking at my chakras, she immediately knew that I had gone through severe trauma, and then gently and un-intrusively let me know that she understood.
Since then, she has played a key role in my recovery, slowly helping me to integrate mind and body, to stay unified and balanced. She has used many different methods and bodywork techniques, tailoring each session to exactly what I needed, and always asking what I want to focus on in each session.
She’s acted as a physical and mental healer, a spiritual guide, and practically a personal psychologist. B ut the mark of a true healer is one who teaches you how to care for yourself, which is exactly what Veena has done for me.”


Do you offer in-person sessions?

Currently, I am not offering in-person sessions. All my sessions are distance-based.

Can you come to an event (like my wedding) and perform a clearing for me?

All my energetic work is from a distance at this time. You can always a book one of my services to help support you through and after your event!

Do you offer any other services?

Yes! Besides working with people individually, I also perform personalized ceremonies, blessings, workshops and retreats.

Why are your prices higher than other healers? 

I place high value on the importance of holding space for my clients –– this means that after our session is complete, I don’t send you off into the world on your own! I ensure that I’m checking in on you, performing clearings as agreed upon and that you are prepared to move through your day-to-day life.
Energetic healing sessions likely stir up vivid dreams, deepen meditations and create change in your relationships, home, body and emotions. As you move through shifting energies in your life, I’m able to provide you with additional insight for your journey as it unfolds.
Not everyone needs this support, but I do include it in all my packages as I believe we need to be prepared to hold our bodies and spirit in new ways after our work together.

How do you accept payment?

Booking is available through MindBody Online. If you require alternate payment options, I have several easy payment options that work through common phone apps, please get in touch.

Veena offers everything you would want from a healer; she is a true multi-dimensional master and brings the whole person with her into the healing process. She has a refined sense of clarity and sees well beyond the five senses, into realms where problems and thoughts that manifest in the body are created.
She’s able to get in touch with the roots of issues located in the auras, the past (Akashic), the ancestral, the body, the conscious, the subconscious, from life and more, to clear it.
She is also communicating with higher universal, angelic realms from where she is securely guided in her knowledge of healing the soul’s path and communicating its intentions to help create its purpose in the earthly life.
The comfort and grace with which Veena restores health is nothing less than astounding, on a level I’ve never experienced before. I cannot say enough good things about Veena. Try it for yourself. I promise you’ll feel wholesome and free of life’s confinements. She will give you back your energy, heart and spirit, the way you were meant to live your life. To encounter the caliber of a person like Veena is extremely rare; she is one of the finest human beings you will ever meet on your journey: the best of the very best. We are so very lucky to have her.”